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Payment Options:
  • ​Check made out to Hope Bennett
  • Visa / MasterCard
  • PayPal (see below)

    **If paying with a card, please call
Description of Fees

Annual Membership: Valid Jan. 1- Dec. 31
    - $35.00
    - Membership for upcoming year due no later
      than December 31st of current year. 

Herd Name: One Time Fee
    - $25.00
    - Reserves herd name / tattoo letters if active
      membership is maintained.

Lamb Registration: Offspring of Registered Stock
    - $15.00 per Animal

Open Registration: Sheep from Unregistered Stock
    - $35.00 per Animal
    - These animals will be registered as an F1
      generation if approved by registrar. Animal must
      be at least 6 months old to be considered.

Transfer of Ownership:
    - $10.00

Certificate Correction / Replacement:
    - $5.00

Service Charge for Incomplete Application:
    - $5.00

**All fees DOUBLED for non-members.**
Photo Requirements for Applications
  • Front / Face View
  • Right Side
  • Left Side
  • Rear Side

Look Below for Example Pictures!​
Example Photos
Harlequin Sheep Registry
Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry
PO Box 2237
Cleveland, GA 30528

Phone: 706.348.7279    Email:
The registry process takes between 30-60 days.*
You will receive an email when your materials are received and from that date your registrations will be processed as efficiently as possible. But be aware that during peak season, it may take the full 60 days.(March 1 - June 30)
*During peak season there is an option for expediting the process. There is a $15.00 fee, per lamb, for this service. This fee is in addition to the regular registration fee. This will cut the wait time down to an approximate 15 days from receipt. These guidelines only apply to registrations that are complete and all documentation , including photos, are included. Emailing your photos and registration forms is the best option. Should you have further questions you may contact the Registrar at or by calling 706.348.7279. Thank you.