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Harlequin Sheep Origination:
 Breeding Program started by Kathleen Sterling the owner of Black Sheep Farm East about 30 years ago. She used a variety of different breeds of sheep to develop the Harlequin breed up until 15 years ago when the flock became a closed breed. Some breeds that were used in the early origins of the Harlequin Sheep include:  Karakul, Tunis, Corriedale, Lincoln, Border Leicester, Romney, Montadale, Coopworth, Finn-Rambouillet, Southdown rams. These breeds where used until 15 years ago when the flock was closed.

Recent Harlequin Sheep Additions:
Within the last few years, the Harlequin Sheep has become a beautiful breed of its own. Yet, the breed is still very young. The American Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry is striving to help the breed continue to grow and prosper. It has been accepted by the registry for Harlequin Sheep to be cross bred to Babydoll Sheep to help introduce new bloodlines. In order for the Harlequin Sheep to have a strong foundation, there must be at least 500 pure bred sheep in the database. By cross breeding to Babydoll sheep, we will be able to increase the amount of new bloodlines so that by the time we do have 500 pure bred sheep, there will be many different bloodlines and the breed will continue to prosper.

To produce sheep with the size and conformation of Southdown breeds
To produce a sheep with a fleece that is varied in color, length, texture, and staple
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