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A Work in Progress, more information soon. 

The 30 Year development of the unique Harlequin sheep has resulted in the establishing of the American Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry. These sheep are breeding true and consistent for fleece, color and body type enough to be able to call them a breed. The registry will require a small registration fee and front, rear, and side photos of potential registered sheep and proof that they are descended from original Black Sheep Farm or Black Sheep Farm East breeding stock. The registry was established to help protect and preserve a unique breed of sheep.  The goal of this registry is to continue to improve upon this already established breed.

If you have Harlequin sheep from Kathleen or your sheep fit the description of a Harlequin, we now offer open registration. Visit the Registry Information page.

You can register your Harlequins by visiting the application page, if you have any questions about the registry you can e-mail us at

Miniature Harlequin Sheep Registry
PO Box 2237
Cleveland, GA 30528

Phone: 706.348.7279    Email: